IT-Services and Solutions




eTechnopolis Services can setup network solution to suit client’s application from small peer-to-peer networks in homes and small offices to multi-server computing environments in large enterprise networks.

We design and implement robust, reliable and efficient network that serves your needs with ease of use, budget and future expansion in mind. We are there so that you manage your business and not your network.

Our turn-key solutions include

Network Assessment- Whether we build a network from scratch or upgrade an existing network, the first thing we do is requirements analysis, the process of determining what it is the network needs to do. We work with clients to understand their business requirements, turn those requirements into functionality specifications and plan the most efficient way to build a scalable computer network to meet your specific needs as well as long-term needs.

Network Architecture & Design- We create the physical design and layout for Wired, Wireless or Hybrid Network that best suits your needs. Our designs leverage existing components and effectively blend the right network products to create cost-effective and high-quality networks.

LAN/ WAN set-up- We install and maintain complete networks whether Local Area Networks (LAN) or Wide Area Networks (WAN). We can setup and configure a variety of Servers, Routers, Switches, Hubs and efficiently implement the latest networking products.

Structured Cabling – Cat 5e & 6-We design, implement and support highly dependable, scalable and secure Cat 5e and CAT 6 structured cabling systems from small offices to enterprise LAN systems. They provide high levels of bandwidth for today’s data transmission protocol of high performance computer networking.

Fibre Optics Cabling – We offer our clients complete fibre optic cabling solutions from design, installation and testing to fibre maintenance. Typical installation sites include educational sites, industrial sites and offices.

Wireless networking – We can design and install secure Wireless LAN/ WiFi solutions in your home, warehouse, office, school, factory, or retail property. A wireless network can be connected to an existing LAN, to share information, internet, printers etc. It is easier to manage and eliminates the need for long cable runs. From single point access to multiple channel products, we maximize your wireless network with reliable Wireless Access Points (WAP) installation.

Installation of Nodes / Workstations – We install nodes which are appropriately configured to work with required Operating System. We set up user login profiles and expertly layer business applications to provide your organization such advantages as the effortless sharing of information, E-mail and GroupWare Integration, Network file and printing services, Faxing and Internet access.

Installation of Servers- We set up both your data and application server. We have expertise in installing new servers, managing existing servers, providing admin services for your server, RAID and setting up user rights and access rights.

Security setup- Security set-up entails keeping your systems free of viruses and spy-ware and up to date with the latest software available.

Remote Access, Virtual Private Network (VPN) Solutions- We can also set up Remote Access Solutions so that you can access your organization’s central records remotely. It enables you and your employees to ‘Work from Anywhere and Anytime’.

Training of staff – We provide user-centric training to your staff to keep your network running smoothly.

Service and Support- Finally, our network support services ensures better system uptime, comprehensive service, quicker response and smooth running of the system.